Navigation to Estancia Harberton


Visit Isla de Lobos, Pájaros, Faro, Penguin Colony and the historic Estancia Harberton, returning overland to the city





Description: We begin the navigation leaving the Tourist Port of our city, towards the center of the Beagle Channel, enjoying, as we move away, the panoramic view of the coast of Ushuaia. We sail to the southwest, approaching the island of Los Lobos, where, from the boat, we can enjoy the view of specimens of sea lions, observing their permanent habitat, in a wonderful setting. Continuing the navigation, we will go to the island of Los Pájaros, habitat of Magellanic Cormorants and Imperial Cormorants, and privileged sector to see specimens of marine avifauna. Then we will continue sailing to the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, in the archipelago of the same name. In these islets it is possible to observe parts of Monte Cervantes, a ship that sank in 1930. Crossing the Beagle Channel in a North-South direction we will see Gable Island and the Puerto Williams Naval Base (located on Navarino Island, Republic of Chile). When we reach Martillo Island, we approach the beach and stay there. It is amazing to observe how the colony of Magellanic Penguins that nest during the summer season approach the boat with remarkable curiosity, enter the sea swimming under the catamaran and re-emerge. We continue to La Estancia Harberton that invites us to visit the place where the first colony was established in Tierra del Fuego and the first Estancia Fueguina, with its building brought from England. From here we return to the tourist pier by land.

Technical information:

  • DURATION: Estimated 9h (Departure 9h / Return 18h approximately)
  • FREQUENCY: From November to March. Daily departures, except Tuesdays.
  • MEETING POINT: Tourist pier. Presentation from 8am.
  • INCLUDES: Guided walk through the town of the estancia, National Historic Landmark. Guided tour of the Acatushun Museum of Birds and Marine Mammals, within regular schedules.
  • KEEP IN MIND: The return from the Estancia is done by land.

The watching of the penguins is done from the boat avoiding invading their habitat. RECOMMENDATIONS: Coat, hat, gloves, waterproof jacket. In the summer months glasses and sunscreen. IMPORTANT NOTE: All descriptives and itineraries are illustrative: the times of the activities, the order of the same and the attractions visited may vary, according to the evaluation of the captain and the weather conditions.


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