Winter vacations in Ushuaia

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Winter vacations in Ushuaia

Winter has begun in Ushuaia and both the city streets and the exciting landscapes of the End of the World are dressed in white. Although Ushuaia can be visited all year round, winter vacations are one of the best times to explore the region.

In addition to the snowy landscape, there are activities and tours during the winter vacations that are exclusive to the winter season.

Ushuaia is the southernmost city on the planet, a location that has given it the epic title of being the city of the “End of the World” and one of the most touristic spots in our country. And winter is the magical time to visit it. Take into account that winter in Ushuaia begins in June and lasts until September – October when there is still snow and the ski slopes are still open.

Ushuaia in winter vacations is a unique and memorable experience. Ideal for families, Ushuaia offers endless activities for children and for all tastes and budgets.

Cerro Castor

What to do during winter vacations in Ushuaia?


In winter, you can enjoy a large number of winter centers and seasonal activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, night walks in the snow, dog sledding, among others. Also, the snowy landscape is an amazing and unforgettable postcard. No doubt, Ushuaia in winter is a world to discover and rarely disappoints those who visit it.

Proudly, Ushuaia has one of the longest ski seasons in our country. In fact, the Castor Mountain is considered one of the best ski centers in the country. Why? Fuegian snow is worldwide recognized as the best snow in Argentina.

This winter center has the best snow quality due to its geographical position, on a southern slope, maintaining temperatures between -5 and 5 degrees Celsius average.

In Tolkeyen Patagonia, we offer two packages for you to come and enjoy the season in Castor Mountain.


If you are visiting Ushuaia, get to know the best ski season in Castor Mountain. This winter center has the best snow quality due to its geographical position, on a southern slope, maintaining temperatures between -5 and 5 degrees average.

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With the Ski Week, you will be able to enjoy the unique experience of skiing at the End of the World and also book a few days to visit Ushuaia and its must-see attractions. This package is ideal for skiers.

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To see the best views of Ushuaia with snow, we recommend sailing the Beagle Channel. Sailing the channel from one end to the other, seeing the city of Ushuaia crowned by snow-capped mountains and taking the best pictures after sailing through Los Pájaros Island, Les Éclaireurs Lighthouse and seeing the Magellan Penguin in its natural habitat are just some of the experiences you can live during winter vacations. Need more reasons to travel to the End of the World? Here are more.


A visit to the Andes Mountain Range, its beauties and the activities that take place in a winter center are a must.

We will drive along National Route No. 3 until we reach the Garibaldi Pass Viewpoint, where we will stop to enjoy panoramic views of Escondido Lake, Fagnano Lake and its surroundings.

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How to prepare for winter vacations in Ushuaia?

During the winter, weather in Ushuaia is cold and very dry. It has an average temperature of 1º, but the minimum temperatures can reach -10º. The good news: The city is very well equipped and snow and low temperatures are not a problem at all. Don’t worry about the cold. Here we tell you what to wear at The End of the World.

Visiting Ushuaia during winter vacations will be a lifetime memory. 

Learn about all the tours available during winter vacations.


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