What to do in Ushuaia in May

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What to do in Ushuaia in May

You find yourself planning your trip to Ushuaia. You need to know what can be done at this time of year. Stop searching! You came to the right place. In this article we are going to tell you what to do in Ushuaia in May .


Autumn in Ushuaia

From the end of March the End of the World began to change its colors. The fresh green of summer gave way to a color palette that ranges from ocher to the most intense reds. The Fuegian forest is transformed into a spectacle at this time of year. An ideal time to visit these latitudes and be amazed by the southern landscapes, in which the lengas and the ñires leave their mark of color together with the imposing Fuegian Andes.


What to do in Ushuaia in May

The activities to do in Ushuaia throughout the year are inexhaustible and adapt to different ages, plans, amount of time and above all, tastes. These are just a few to do during the month of May. But there are many more!



Tierra del Fuego National Park

This huge natural reserve has more than 70 thousand hectares of protected area. You will be able to breathe the characteristic and unique perfumed air of the Subantarctic Forest and walk slowly along and among the species of flora and fauna that inhabit it. The lengas and peat bogs are the main responsible for such beautiful colors in the autumn season. The Acigami Lake, of glacial origin, whose surface is 5.50 square kilometers, reveals one of the most incredible environments to be surrounded by mountains and forests. It is a point of rest and contemplation impossible to miss.

Navigation through the Beagle Channel

The mythical channel that joins two oceans awaits you to navigate its waters. I set out on the course taken by the first explorers who visited the coast of the Ushuaia Bay (including Charles Darwin). From the port of Ushuaia the view is unique and the route reaches the Les Éclaireurs lighthouse.


As in any natural environment, the only constant is change, so you will have the privilege of taking a photo that will never be repeated. Unique landscapes to treasure in your memory forever.


In Ushuaia adventure is the order of the day. New experiences knock on our door so that we can admire natural beauty from other angles. Overflights are synonymous with leaving our comfort zone and letting adrenaline take over us.

We propose two options: the first consists of a flight over Ushuaia Ushuaia and Laguna Esmeralda , passing through the Río Encajonado valley and the Le Cloche hill. You will be able to land on the summit, at a height of a thousand meters, to descend from the helicopter and admire the excellent view. In the second, an overflight over Ushuaia to which is added the impressive view of the Olivia and Cinco Hermanos mountains, the peat bogs of the Carbajal valley, the Tierra Mayor valley, the Esmeralda lagoon and Ushuaia bay.

Ushuia is a safe destination. learn more by clicking here .

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