Usupin, Ushuaia’s official mascot, is here!

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Usupin, Ushuaia’s official mascot, is here!

Usupin was born as part of Ushuaia’s new visual identity. It is the first official mascot of an Argentinean city.

Visit Ushuaia seeks to highlight the value of the elements as an essential composition of the magic of the city. The elements are the beginning of everything. Therefore, Ushuaia has a new image to bring our nature closer to the whole world.

All the elements that define Ushuaia’s identity are materialized in @UsupinUshuaia.

Usupin is unique, it’s fun, it’s ours. But it also represents all the symbolic, natural and abstract value of our city. Usupin will be the spokesperson for everything Ushuaia represents.

Behind Visit Ushuaia and Usupin, a lot of time of research, ideas, knowledge and discovery of our city (and our province) was spent.

Ushuaia is not only snow, mountains and sea. It is hundreds of different ecosystems, which vary and transform according to the time of the year. Wildlife is present in every corner of Ushuaia, giving a special identity to the region. And each season, in turn, is the beginning of a new stage, where nature is completely dyed for the occasion.

At the same time, it is a city marked by history. None of this is left out when choosing, creating and presenting our mascot.

Usupin is as unique as the city of Ushuaia. All this identity and its own life is what gives it such a special value. What allows us to love our city and empathize with it.

Usupin is not only intended for the thousands of tourists and travelers who visit the End of the World month after month.  It is for everyone. It is the new symbol of our city.

Usupin, the first official mascot of an Argentinean province, is already a reality.

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