The history of the End of the World Train

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The history of the End of the World Train

The history of The End of the World Train: The Fuegian Southern Railway, also called The End of the World Train, is the railway line that connects Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city, with the Tierra del Fuego National Park. Although the route covered is not very long, only 8 kilometers, it meets the requirement of being the southernmost train in the world still in operation.

Touring the southernmost points of the planet on the mythical End of the World Train is just one of the many activities that can be done in Ushuaia. It is, however, the favorite activity for children visiting the region.

History of the End of the World Train:

The original route of the train was 25 kilometers and dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. With more than 100 years in operation, the current End of the World Train has a very peculiar background: it was a train for and by convicts in its beginnings.

The Fuegian Southern Railway was the train that connected the city of Ushuaia with the old Patagonian prison. The train connected both points by crossing the Fuegian forest. In addition to transporting food and construction materials, the train was used to transport prisoners.

The Ushuaia prison operated as such until 1947. With the closure of the prison, the train stopped operating a few years later.

The Fuegian train only started operating again in 1994, but for purely tourist purposes. Of course, the three locomotives are replicas of the original ones and are all steam locomotives. “Camila” is the most emblematic locomotive and the one that stars in all the postcards of The End of the World train.

The current route is only a third part of the original route, but it still preserves all the magic of the landscapes of The End of the World, crossing enchanted forests and unforgettable panoramic points.

The train departs from The End of the World station, a former prison embankment, and ends at the Tierra del Fuego National Park. During the trip, passengers will be able to contemplate the Cañadón del Toro, the Pipo River and La Macarena waterfall. Typical settlements of the ancient Yamana tribes can also be observed. Following the course of the Pipo River, the train ends its journey at the National Park station.

Want to take the mythical tour on the End of the World Train?

To learn more about the length of the trip, the lessons and the frequency of the trip, please read more about The End of the World Train.



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