Enjoy New Year’s Eve at the End of the World

Have you ever thought what it would be like to spend New Year’s Eve at the End of the World? Celebrating the holidays in Patagonia is undoubtedly something unique. It is the opportunity to take stock of the year surrounded by nature, enjoying the calm and tranquility of the End of the World and the Fuegian forest.

Ushuaia is a heavenly city where the beauty is enhanced during the holidays: Christmas decorations, long days, unforgettable sunsets and unique landscapes. The End of the World is a passionate place and the holidays are an excellent time to visit it.

It is also a city with a great variety of gastronomic offer. Therefore, the holidays are an excellent excuse to let yourself be conquered by the taste of crab and seafood.

fin de año en el Fin del Mundo

Spending New Year’s Eve at the End of the World is not something that happens every day. Therefore, it is a unique, epic and unforgettable experience. The very idea of saying goodbye to one year and starting a new one while sailing the Beagle Channel or enjoying the mountain viewpoints thrills the heart of the most experienced traveler.

“Ushuaia, The End of the World, the Beginning of Everything”. That is the city’s motto and we are sure it is so.


Ushuaia vista área

City of Ushuaia


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