TOLKEYEN PATAGONIA TURISMO SA – File No. 11938 – VAT Condition: Registered Responsible – CUIT

  1. a) Requests and Payments: 1) The price and / or reservation of services are subject to changes without prior notice when there is an alteration in them, changes in costs or in the expected exchange rates, for reasons not attributable to the parties. 2) All amounts paid before the definitive confirmation of the services are received as a reservation, so under no circumstances can they be considered as definitive confirmation of the services requested or their price. The definitive confirmation of the respective services and prices will occur with the issuance of tickets and / or service orders and the corresponding billing.
  2. b) Prices Include: Transportation as specified in each of the itineraries. Accommodation in the hotels mentioned in the itineraries or other similar in classification, occupying rooms according to the chosen rate, with private bathroom and taxes. Meal regime as indicated at each opportunity. Visits and excursions mentioned. Transfers to and from airports, terminals and hotels, when indicated. The expected number of days of accommodation, taking into account that the day of hotel accommodation is calculated from fifteen hours and ends at ten or twelve hours the next day (depending on the case), regardless of the arrival and departure time and the full or fractional use of the same. The duration of the tour will be indicated in each case taking the day of departure as the first day and the last day including the day of departure from the destination, regardless of the departure or arrival time on the first day or the last.
  3. c) Prices do not include: Visas, airport taxes, current or future various taxes, DNT, VAT, entrance fees to museums, national parks, local tourism taxes, medical assistance, and in general, any other expense considered of a personal nature; washing and ironing of clothes, communications, tips, food and drinks not specified, food en route except those that were expressly included in the programs, registration in congresses, fairs and events, etc. The expenses for prolonging the services due to the voluntary desire of the passengers, stays, meals and / or additional expenses or damages caused by cancellations, delays in the departures or arrivals of the means of transport or due to force majeure or beyond the scope of the organizer and in general of any concept that is not specifically detailed in the corresponding itinerary. Car rental does not include fuel, fax and insurance costs, unless otherwise indicated. The rooms must be occupied until the corresponding check out time, after this limit the passenger must pay the hotel what it considers.
  4. d) Cancellations: Passengers who desist from traveling whatever the cause, even due to illness or death, will be subject to the following applicable withholding regime in accordance with the advance with which the cancellation is made: 1) Prior to 25 days from the start of the trip, 10% of the payment on account paid will be retained. 2) Between 25 and 16 days prior to the start of the trip, 50% of the total value of the service will be retained. 4) Between 15 and 8 days prior to the start of the trip, 70% of the total value of the service will be retained. 4) Within 7 days prior to the start of the trip, 100% of the total value of the service will be retained.
  5. e) Decree 2182-72 Art. 21: When it comes to withdrawals that affect the services firmly contracted by the agency, the reimbursement of the same will be subject to the contractual conditions under which the respective companies provide their services. In case the reimbursements are made, the agencies will have the right to deduct for themselves up to 10% of the same. In the case of refunds for unused services and in the event that the return is not immediately effective, the agencies must send the companies providing the services within five days of receiving the claim, the request for confirmation of the amounts requested. by the traveler. They must also reimburse the corresponding amounts within ten days after receiving the respective settlement from the service providers.
  6. f) Claims and Refunds: Any claim must be submitted within a period of 15 days after the end of the trip, attaching with it their respective receipts. After this term, TOLKEYEN PATAGONIA TURISMO SA reserves the right not to give any refund.
  7. g) Documentation: For trips abroad it is necessary to comply with the legislation in force in each case. The documentation and visa are of a strictly personal nature, being therefore the sole responsibility of the passenger to have the documents and visas in perfect condition and validity since they have been informed reliably and with sufficient anticipation about the requirements demanded by the immigration, customs and sanitary facilities of the destinations that include the tour. The organizer will not be responsible for inconveniences suffered by passengers who lack documentation in order. In the event that a passenger cannot travel for these reasons, he will lose the total of the contracted services without the right to any claim.
  8. h) Alterations or Modifications: TOLKEYEN PATAGONIA TURISMO SA reserves, for technical or operational reasons, the possibility of totally or partially altering the daily order and / or services, before or during the execution thereof. Unless expressly provided otherwise, the stipulated hotels may be changed for another of the same or higher category within the same urban nucleus without any charge for the passenger. Regarding these variations, the passenger will not be entitled to any compensation. The company may cancel any tour when any of the circumstances provided for in art. 24 of Decree No. 2182/72 including that of not having reached a sufficient number of registrations, with the passenger only having to reimburse the amount paid and waiving any other type of supplementary claim or compensation. Once the trip has begun, the suspension, modification or interruption of services by the passenger for personal reasons of any kind, will not give rise to any claim, refund or refund. The organizer reserves the right to alter schedules and itineraries, excursions or hotels for the better development of the tour, without altering the duration of the tour. If the trip had to be shortened or lengthened beyond the terms set for reasons of force majeure not attributable to the operator, overselling of the airlines or hotels, the corresponding expenses will be borne by the passenger without the right to any refund or compensation. In the event that passengers are accommodated in hotels of a lower category (no more than one category of difference) or at a distance of more than 5 km, or outside the contracted urban nucleus or conglomerate, the difference in price will be reimbursed to the passenger. between both rates, with more than 5% surcharge, as the sole and total compensation established as a penalty clause in favor of the passenger; Unless the passenger has enjoyed other compensation in additional services during their stay, which will imply the express waiver of the aforementioned refund and any other compensation
  9. i) Limitations to the Right of Permanence: TOLKEYEN PATAGONIA TURISMO SA reserves the right to make any passenger leave the tour at any point in the tour whose conduct, way of acting, state of health or other serious reasons in the opinion of the company causes danger or cause inconvenience to the other travelers or could spoil the success of the excursion or its normal development. In this case, the passenger will have the right to reimbursement for the unused days of the tour, without any other compensation of any kind and at their own expense for the cancellation costs that may arise.
  10. j) Responsibility: TOLKEYEN PATAGONIA TURISMO SA expressly declares that it acts as an intermediary in the reservation or contracting of the different services linked and included in the respective tour or reservation of services: hotels, restaurants, means of air and land transport or others providers. Therefore, it declines all responsibility for damages of any nature that may occur to the people who, through its mediation, make the trip as well as with respect to the luggage and other objects of its property in the programs with transfers included. The company is not responsible for events that occur due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, climatic phenomena or events of nature that occur before or during the development of the tour that prevent, delay or in any way hinder the total or partial execution of the benefits promised by the company, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.
  11. h) Air Companies: In the air transport of passengers and luggage, the responsibility of TOLKEYEN PATAGONIA TURISMO SA. It is limited to making the reservation and paying the price of the contracted service according to the conditions agreed with each provider. In what exceeds this, the responsibility is exclusive and direct of the service providers. The airlines that take part in our programs cannot be held responsible during the time that passengers are not on board their planes or during the transfers carried out by them. The ticket or passage will constitute the only commitment between the airline and the buyer of the excursion and / or passenger. In the cases of air services that are through regular flights, the conditions of surcharges, fines, postponement of departure dates and times, are the exclusive responsibility of the carriers with whom the passenger must directly understand. In cases where air services are through charter flights or special flights, the departure and return dates cannot be modified. Failure to show up at the counter with due anticipation or failure to board due to documentation problems will lead to the cancellation and loss of the flight in question, without the right to claim, refund or return. The dates and times foreseen for the departure and return are the exclusive competence of the air carrier, which may modify them according to uses and needs, technical reasons or any other, specific to the activity.
  12. i) Application Rules: This contract and, where appropriate, the provision of services, will be governed exclusively by these general conditions, by Law No. 829 and its regulations and by the Brussels Convention approved by Law 19,918. This is so, without prejudice to the provisions regarding liability for transportation accidents. These general conditions together with the rest of the documentation that is delivered to the passengers will make up the Travel Contract established by the aforementioned Convention.
  13. j) Jurisdiction and Competence: Any question that arises due to the celebration, fulfillment, non-fulfillment, extension or termination of this contract, will be submitted by the parties to the resolution of the Ordinary Courts of the Federal Capital.

k) Important: These General Conditions are delivered to the passenger at the time of booking the services (or the registration request), subscribing a copy for the company. The payment of the reservation implies the acceptance by the interested parties of the full application of these General Conditions, the conditions of each tour and those of the transport companies involved.