Trekking Laguna Esmeralda in Winter

For trekking lovers. The walk to the most beautiful and famous lagoon at the End of the World in its winter version.

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    The Emerald Lagoon is one of the greatest beauties that Ushuaia offers. Its characteristic color and the nature that surrounds it make it one of the favorite places for locals and tourists. There are several options to get to know it and trekking to the Emerald Lagoon in winter is one of the most accessible options within the southernmost city in the world. Without a doubt, it is one of our must-sees when visiting Ushuaia. We tell you what the Trekking to the Emerald Lagoon is all about!

    We depart from the hotel in a minibus by land (20 km) to the Tierra Mayor valley. From the refuge and after equipping ourselves with crampons or snowshoes we begin the walk, during which we cross large snow-covered valleys, frozen streams and centuries-old forests of Lengas and Coihues. The Esmeralda Lagoon is located in the heart of the Tierra del Fuego Natural and Landscape Reserve, its geographical location in the middle of the Fuegian mountain range invites us to stop, rest on its shores while having lunch.

    While we enjoy the view of the Lagoon we will have the opportunity to eat a box lunch.

    Finally we start the return to the refuge by a different path from the one we went where we will have one last opportunity to appreciate the beauties that surround us and later we return to the hotel.

    Technical information:

    • DURATION: Half a day in the morning (5h approx)
    • FREQUENCY: From June to September.
    • MEETING POINT: Hotel.
    • INCLUDES: Box lunch (lunch)/ Crampons or snowshoes/ trekking pole.
    • NOT INCLUDED: Winter clothing. For this activity it is an essential requirement to have trekking shoes / snow boots and the appropriate coat for this time of year.
    • RECOMMENDATIONS: -Coat (hat, gloves, waterproof and warm jacket). Waterproof snow/trekking shoes. -It is a requirement to have physical fitness to do this walk; Those who have physical restrictions or do not have the appropriate clothing and footwear will not be able to do it.

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