8 must-see attractions in Ushuaia

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8 must-see attractions in Ushuaia

The End of the World is a destination adored by visitors from all latitudes. The city of Ushuaia is chosen not only for its beauty but also for its uniqueness. Each visitor has a unique experience: the island can be explored in many different ways. The center and its surroundings offer many activities for all tastes. Wonders of nature, adventure and adrenaline, rest and relaxation. Here we present 8 must-see attractions in Ushuaia that you can discover through our excursions.

Unmissable attractions of Ushuaia

City Tour. “The bay that faces the west” is the meaning of Ushuaia in Yámana, the language of its first settlers. From the pier you can see the beach, the port, the imposing frame of the Fuegian Andes and a picturesque architecture. Walking its steep streets is a recommended experience for a first day visiting the end of the world.

Fuegian Lakes . The lakes of Tierra del Fuego give us impressive landscapes at any time of the year. Are you ready to feel the adrenaline on wheels? Get in our 4 x 4 trucks! We will cross the natural wonders that Ushuaia offers such as lakes, water courses and slopes. You will have the opportunity to see and learn about incredible spaces along with the history and geography of the place.


Harberton Ranch. It is the first Fuegian ranch. This mythical building brought from England belonged to the Brigdes family. These first settlers settled on the island were British, who for several years coexisted with Yamana tribes peacefully.

Navegación por el Canal Beagle en el Ushuaia ExplorerVinciguerra Glacier and Iceberg Lagoon . Have you ever spent a whole day on the mountain? This spectacular trek includes walks through the Fuegian forest, passing through its classic peat bogs until reaching the majestic Laguna de los témpanos next to the Vinciguerra glacier and its beautiful ice caves.

Les Éclaireurs Lighthouse A characteristic postcard of Ushuaia, the Les Éclaireurs lighthouse has the mission of illuminating the sailors who sail along the shores of the Ushuaia bay. It can be seen while navigating the Beagle Channel, posing with visitors looking for the best angle for their emblematic memory.

Les Éclaireurs LighthouseTrekking Laguna Esmeralda . The start of this walk is located on the edge of the famous Route 3, which connects Buenos Aires with Tierra del Fuego. To get to this beautiful mirror of glacial water you will have to cross paths framed by lenga and peat forests. Located 450 meters above sea level, the emerald lagoon dazzles with a unique beauty.

 8 atracciones imperdibles en Ushuaia

End of the World Train. This beautiful train tour combines incredible views of Tierra del Fego National Park with an engaging history. I relived the last 7 kilometers of the journey made by the inmates of the Ushuaia prison, transporting firewood and materials for their hard work.

Beagle Channel Navigation . One of the excursions most chosen by our visitors. You will be able to navigate the famous maritime course that joins the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The beautiful geography that can be seen from the coast changes its forms until it reaches Martillo Island, where a colony of Magellan penguins lives.

What did you think of these 8 attractions of Ushuaia? These are just some of the wonders that Ushuaia has to offer you. Are you already planning your trip? Do you know how to get there? If you want to receive more information, write us by clicking on this link !



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