South Glacier Adventure

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    Regular departures: Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

    Grandiose landscapes of pristine nature. You reach the southern limit of the National Park, on the border with Chile. The southern arm of Lake Argentino and Lake Frías are navigated, to reach the Upper Frías Lagoon on foot where the Dickson, Cubo and Grande glaciers can be seen. Natural history, from 20,000-year-old glacial vestiges to moraines from the last decade and marine fossils.

    The tour
    Departure from El Calafate along Route 15, known as the Ruta de las Estancias, towards the Glaciar Sur pier, which is located in the South Arm of Lake Argentino, on the shores of Estancia Nibepo Aike.

    Navigation to the bottom of the South Arm of Lake Argentino, each time you see further into the Andes Mountains. Upon disembarking, the walk to Frías Lake begins, which can only be accessed on foot. The trail goes into a lenga forest. After a slight ascent you reach the natural viewpoint of Lago Frías, all these lands were covered by the homonymous glacier thousands of years ago. From there, descend towards the shore of the lake, to board the Fitzcarraldo boat, and navigate 5 km through crystal clear waters of a surprising emerald color. From the other shore begins a 4.5 trek through the valley of the Río Frías.

    As one approaches the last moraine, the glaciers begin to look closer and closer. A pristine area of ​​the Los Glaciares National Park. A valley of changing environments that ends in an amphitheater, made up of the Grande, Cubo and Dickson glaciers. The glaciers shed their ice towards the Upper Frías Lagoon (Big and Cube) and the Dickson Arm (Dickson Glacier) but originally they were all part of one large glacier: the Frías. A unique, wide and exclusive landscape.

    There is free time to admire the landscape and have lunch, before retracing the route and returning to El Calafate.

    It includes:

    • Regular excursion.
    • Picnic.
    • Entrance to Los Glaciares National Park.
    • Spanish/English bilingual guides.
    • Trekking sticks; waterproof leggings; dry socks in hand.
    • Refuge dome between Lago Frías and Laguna Frías Superior with hot drinks, snacks, and emergency equipment.

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