Winter in Ushuaia: Snow is here!

Winter in Ushuaia: Snow is here!

Winter has come to Ushuaia and both the streets of the city and the landscapes of The End of the World are dressed in white. Undoubtedly, winter is one of the best times to visit the city and tour each and every one of its magical corners.

Living the snow in Ushuaia is a unique and incomparable experience. Discovering the southernmost corners of the planet will be a memory for life. In winter, you can enjoy a large number of winter centers and seasonal activities such as skiing, snowboarding, night walks in the snow, dog sledding, among many others. Ushuaia in winter is a world to discover.

Invierno en Ushuaia

During winter, weather in Ushuaia is cold. It has an average temperature of 1º, with minimum temperatures that can reach -10º. But the city is very well prepared and snow and low temperatures are not a problem at all. What’s more, don’t be afraid of cold, here is what to bring to The End of the World.

Besides, Fuegian snow is worldwide recognized as the best snow in Argentina. This is due to the latitude where the city is located. In fact, the well-known Castor Mountain is the ski and snowboard center with the longest season in South America. It lasts from June to October and during all that time the snow conditions are unbeatable. Here, ski and snowboard enthusiasts gather year after year to enjoy the southernmost resort in the world.

Are you fond of winter activities? Here are some ideas and tours to complement your trip to Ushuaia in winter.

Experiencing winter at The End of the World is a unique and unbeatable experience: Ushuaia in winter is a world to be discovered!

In winter, Ushuaia gives us landscapes that seem unreal. You are invited to experience a magical winter at The End of the World.

Snow in Ushuaia: Exclusive activities and tours

Snow in Ushuaia: Exclusive activities and tours

Winter is being awesome. Undoubtedly, snow in Ushuaia and its surroundings is magical. This year, the snow started early and its quality is, as always, excellent. Due to its latitude, Ushuaia’s snow is considered the best in Argentina.

Ushuaia with snow is a dream city (especially in the company of a good hot chocolate). A romantic tale that thrills those who visit The End of the World in winter. A city that deserves to be explored.

Here are recommendations for the best tours and exclusive activities in Ushuaia in winter:


This is a hike through the thick snow in the privileged winter forest of the Tierra Mayor Valley. The hike is done with snowshoes that allow you to reach unique and very inaccessible places.

Throughout the tour, you will be able to see panoramic points from where you can contemplate the entire Fuegian valley.



This activity takes place in the Tierra Mayor Valley where the dogs and their sleds will be waiting for us. A spectacular journey through the Fuegian forest where the snow will be our great companion.

Thanks to the sleds, we will be able to cross snowy forests and frozen rivers experiencing the magical silence of The End of the World.



This activity is unforgettable because it involves crossing the Tierre Mayor Valley at night. A nocturnal image of the Fuegian forest that will remain among the memories of The End of the World, an experience of snow and fire!

The night walk will be made through a path of torches that will guide the way to the refuge.

Once at the refuge, a great banquet and a restorative fire awaits the travelers.


4. WHITE ADVENTURE: Sledding plus snowshoeing in the snow

The white adventure begins in the heart of the Tierra Mayor Valley where the sleds and dogs will welcome us. After an exciting journey through the Fuegian forest, we will arrive at the Hachero shelter.

The activity will continue with the snowshoes as we begin a walk on the snow to the Alvear Glacier Icefall and El Valle viewpoint.


Experiencing winter in Ushuaia is a unique and incomparable experience. Enjoying the snow at the End of the World and discovering the southernmost snowy corners will be a memory to last a lifetime.

Ushuaia in winter is a world to be discovered.

We are waiting for you!

Ushuaia in autumn

Ushuaia in autumn

While it is true that Ushuaia can be visited all year round, Ushuaia is a magical time at the End of the World in autumn. The Fuegian forest is tinged with exciting colors and nature is shown in its purest form. A super photogenic season that inspires and enchants all travelers. Need more reasons to travel to Ushuaia?

Here are the best pictures of this autumn in Ushuaia. Undoubtedly, a time when it is worth visiting the End of the World. If you are about to travel to Ushuaia, here are some ideas and tours for your trip.

Ushuaia en otoño

Ushuaia en otoño

Ushuaia en otoño

A must-see in autumn is The End of the World Train. Here is its history.

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Inspiring winter pictures of Ushuaia

Inspiring winter pictures of Ushuaia

Spring is just around the corner, one of our favorite seasons to live and enjoy the amazing landscapes of the End of the World. Therefore, we say goodbye to winter, long nights and white landscapes with this collection of pictures of Ushuaia in winter.

Winter is a magical time to visit the southernmost city in the world. Note that winter in Ushuaia begins in June and lasts until September – October where there is still snow and the ski slopes are still open. In fact, it is a very popular destination during winter vacations.

In this post, we want to share with you typical winter images of Ushuaia so that you can visit this destination. Tours to Tierra del Fuego National Park or sailing in the Beagle Channel take special colors at this time of the year and we want to show them to you in the following picture selection.

Here are the best pictures of Ushuaia in winter:
Cartel emblemático en UshuaiaTren del Fin del Mundo en invierno


Picture of Tierra del Fuego – End of the World.

Cerro Castor

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If you are visiting Ushuaia in winter, these are the best activities and tours we recommend for your trip. In this season, you can enjoy activities with your family, in the snow, and admire the local fauna and flora.

What to do in El Calafate in winter

What to do in El Calafate in winter

What to do in El Calafate in winter: Located in the Province of Santa Cruz, El Calafate is one of the most iconic cities in our country. Its fame is due to the impressive and wonderful Perito Moreno Glacier.

El Calafate is a small city located on the shores of Argentino Lake, but it has all the infrastructure and amenities to be the ideal base for exploring Patagonia and, of course, the glacier that is only 80 kilometers away. Although El Calafate can be visited all year round, here we tell you what the best time to visit is.

Glaciar Sur

Glaciar Sur

Whether in winter or summer, a weekend getaway or with more time, today we share with you 4 reasons to visit El Calafate in winter:

  1. Enjoy nature uniquely:

Since it is not high season, you can enjoy the Perito Moreno Glacier in a privileged way during the winter without so many people and with a great variety of exclusive activities.

  1. One of a kind landscapes:

Enjoying El Calafate and its surroundings is a magnificent experience by itself. But if we add a little snow to the landscape, it will undoubtedly be an unforgettable trip. Observing the snow-capped Andes Mountain Range with the imposing glacier is an incredible image that will remain engraved in our memory.


glaciar Perito Moreno3. The weather:

Winter is mild in El Calafate. Due to its dry climate, winter is very pleasant. It is neither windy nor rainy.

The average temperature is – 1,8°C, but this is not a problem since there is no humidity. Also, the days are not as short as in other areas of Patagonia. In winter, the shortest day is June 21, with only 8 hours of daylight (from 09:30 to 17:30).

  1. Snow and winter activities:

During the winter, you can visit several ski and winter activities centers near El Calafate. The ideal excuse to enjoy the snow with the family. At the same time, many tours to the glaciers are only available in winter.

The best of winter is that the Redonda Bay freezes and creates a real skating rink with the lake and the mountain as a magical backdrop.

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