USHUAIA , located on the insular end of the South American continent, is known as the southernmost city in the world.

The name Ushuaia means bay that penetrates towards the west, which is an extremely accurate description. This name comes from the Yámana language, who were the first inhabitants of the shores of the Beagle Channel.  Located on the shores of Beagle Channel  and surrounded by the Martial mountain range, it offers a unique landscape in Argentina, with the combination of mountains, sea, glaciers and forests.

The climate is unstable, with prevailing winds from the west sector, all four seasons can be felt on the same day.

The average summer temperature is 10ºC, with maximums that can reach 20º, with sunlight from three in the morning until approximately twenty-three hours.

In winter, the average temperature is 1ºC, with minimum temperatures that can reach -10ºC, allowing you to enjoy snow activities in the city, such as ice skating in the natural lagoon, known as “Laguna del Diablo”, or cross-country skiing. or alpine, near the Martial Glacier, in Cerro Castor or in the Winter Centers located on Route 3.

The history of Ushuaia began to be outlined with the arrival, in 1869, of the Anglican missionary Stirling, who dedicated himself to evangelizing the natives. But without a doubt, it was President Roca’s decision to install a penal colony in the region that helped Ushuaia’s development and growth.


Owner of a unique landscape, Ushuaia offers endless possibilities and activities, in summer, trekking, horseback riding, sport fishing and mountain biking  allowing the visitor to enjoy nature and explore unexplored places through such incredible scenarios as the Tierra del Fuego National Park. In winter, the magnificent geography and cold temperatures invite to practice ski , both Alpine  (in decline) and bottom  (on flat ground).

Navigating the Beagle Channel is another unmissable experience since this was the scene of the exploits of those first colonizers and is home to the marine fauna characteristic of the region.


To enjoy the stay in Ushuaia , we suggest always having at least one waterproof coat, and comfortable shoes to move comfortably and safely, through the sloping streets, characteristics of this city.

As for tourist services, the city has accommodation and restaurants of all categories as well as banks, exchange houses and all the amenities that tourists need.